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Welcome to your NUMBER 1 - Movie Art Gallery
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Horror collection - AMITYVILLE HORROR (1979)



  • Size 18" x 24" featuring 6 colors
  • Edition size of 100
  • Printing by DL Screenprinting
  • Artwork by JAY SHAW
  • Printed on thick French Madero Beach paper


Produced 15 March 2013

It was a real pleasure working with Jay Shaw on The Amityville Horror poster, he really did such an awesome job on the artwork. We felt that too many posters in the past have focused on The Amityville Horror house entirely and asked Jay to come up with something a little different. This task was definitely hard since the house is so iconic, but we knew Jay could pull something off. Jay managed to capture the classic feel of The Amityville Horror and gave it a brand new look. Here is what Jay had to say about working on this poster:

"As you know I tend to follow the Polish school of poster design so my stuff is usually very conceptual and a bit weird. I'm not a big fan of obvious design. I also like strong central images on top of stark backgrounds. To me you get the most visual punch doing things that way. 

Out of the chimney is pouring a highly detailed smokey ectoplasm that makes up George's face. Replacing George's eyes are the infamous windows that serve as the house's eyes. The idea here is that George is becoming the evil that is the house. It's also a nod to his incessant "chill" and need to stack log after log into the fireplace."

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