Welcome to your NUMBER 1 - Movie Art Gallery
Welcome to your NUMBER 1 - Movie Art Gallery
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HOOK by Ruiz Burgos Signed by the Artist

Size: 24 x 36"

Private commission 54/100

Print: Fine Art Giclée
Credits by Bea Molina

Year: 2023


A few words from Juan Carlos:
“Hook is one of my childhood movies and I know by heart most of the dialogues. I always wanted to do a poster of the movie, but Struzan masterpiece (one of my faves from him) always made me think that I could never do something cool enough. Last Christmas I watched the movie again, and this image came to my mind. Something very different to the official one, but at the same time a tribute to it and a tribute to the amazing John Alvin's map for the teaser trailer (I have always loved that teaser). I put a lot of love in the making of this poster. I hope you like it. Stay safe and Happy Holidays!!”

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